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Does Inumaki Die in jujutsu kaisen? What happened to Inumaki in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Does Inumaki Die in jujutsu kaisen? What happened to Inumaki in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Do you like to read manga? Does Jujutsu Kaisen sound familiar to you? If so, then I am sure that the question of whether or not Inumaki dies is something that has crossed your mind. The answer is yes! But, before we can discuss if he dies in Jujutsu Kaisen let’s first clear up what happened. Does Inumaki Die in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Who is Inumaki?

The supporting character, Toge Inumaki, is a descendant of the Inumaki Family who occur to have a rare power of cursed speech technique. He is a Second-Year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High along with Yuta, Maki and Panda.

Does Inumaki Die in jujutsu kaisen?

Hanami could no longer trust her eyes as she saw the Sorcerers emerge from what should have been their deaths. Bodies still bruised, they all stood. A smirk on their faces as they walked forward, closer to the group. Hanami’s attention turned toward the barrier that stood between them, the Sorcerers, and them. Hanami’s eyes widened as she saw a fist crash through the barrier, shattering it completely.

As Megumi, Kamo and Inumaki are the strongest and talented sorcerers, but fighting a Special-Grade Cursed Spirit is not as simple as it may occur for them. For Hanami it was hard to counter the attacks from Megumi and Kamo. The only threat he could sense was from Inumaki.

When it comes to stopping someone without using any physical strength, Inumaki Toge is the one you think of. Which forced him to unleash the technique and made Kamo and Megumi to take a decision.

But as we’ve seen using too much of this special technique has it’s own backlash, it resulted in injuring Inumaki to the point that blood came out of his mouth. But this is where the interesting part rises, severely injured and dying are two different facet.

So, now do you think Inumaki is Dead?

Heck, NO! Inumaki is not dead.


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