How Strong is Asta’s Devil? Is it the Strongest? : Black Clover

How Strong is Asta's Devil? Is it the Strongest? : Black Clover

It’s not easy to be a Devil in Black Clover. Asta’s power, which was given to him by the Demon King, is that of an Absolute Choice; he can choose between two miracles and he cannot tell what they are until after he has chosen one. How strong would you like your Devil to be? Well, there is no such thing as too strong! In this article we will discuss how powerful Liebe’s devil might be and why Asta needs it so badly. How strong is Asta’s devil? How does it compare to the power of other devils in Black Clover manga and anime series?

Asta’s Devil, Liebe, is it the strongest?

How Strong is Asta's Devil? Is it the Strongest? : Black Clover

Whether it’s Anime or Manga, Black Clover has been one of the most amazing Series yet to be made. If you’ve seen Black Clover, Asta is one of the most favorable character in the series. From being a non-magical character to one of the member of the Black Knights. He has gone through alot and finally got attention by his Grimoire and the ability he has. The common question that we all come across is How Strong is Asta’s Devil?

Liebe mean “Love” in German. This is how we know Licita loved Liebe and why he is so against the devils who tortured him. He has a power which makes him invincible considering the strength he has. Apart from the fact that Liebe is weak in compare to the other Devils.

Liebe had the power of Anti-Magic but he had some drawbacks in sense of Strength. This drawback made him weak, a group of Knights could easily defeat him. This is where the twist happens.

Asta, the main character of Black Clover has the unique ability, the Anti-Magic, which is one of the most intimidating power. It requires skills and techniques which can be really hard to tackle around with the Anti-Magic power. Asta being one of the Strength buff character in the series, as we have seen him working out all the time. The sheer dedication of not letting Magical power over due him, Asta has completely learned how to use his Strength and Anti-Magic in his favor.

Clearly, Liebe won’t be able to fight alone, but if we combine Asta’s Physical Strength with the Anti-Magic it becomes dangerously Lethal.

Can Liebe beat Asta?

How Strong is Asta's Devil? Is it the Strongest? : Black Clover

No! Liebe has low physical strength, which makes it the weakest of the devils. But the Anti-Magic is the best ability he has.

We saw in a scene where Liebe was with Licita, possessed by Lucifero for a while, completely summoned. Hence, we conclude Liebe is weak with his Physical Strength and couldn’t use the Anti-Magic to the fullest.

Asta with Anti-Magic sword

How Strong is Asta's Devil? Is it the Strongest? : Black Clover

Asta with the Anti-Magic taken from his grimoire is one of the deadliest combination ever achieved. The sword can cut through magic, which denies the magic and makes the attacker purposeless.

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