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My Hero Academia theme songs – All the songs from MHA with full music video! Updated

My Hero Academia theme songs - All the songs from MHA with full music video! Updated

Imagine a world full of people having amazing powers, directing the world with their powers and making impactful decisions to save their world. But there you are born with no powers and trying to cope up with the world full of powers. Can you get along with it?
My Hero Academia, also known as Boku no Hīrō Akademia is a Japanese super hero manga series made by Kohei Horikoshi. The protagonist in the story, Izuku Midoriya, is born with no power in a world where having power is the most common thing. But still he follows his Idol All Might with his full passion and  atlast gets scouted by him. Check the series to know how this young boy went through the world of Super Heroes.

Apart from the story line, My Hero Academia has some amazing Theme songs which could cherish your moment. Below are the songs with their youtube links, Have fun!

The Day – Porno Graffitti


Heroes – Brian The Sun


Peace Sign – Kenshi Yonezu


Sora ni Utaeba – Amazarashi


Dakara, Hotori Janai – Little Glee Monster


Datte Atashi no Hero – Lisa




Make My Story – Lenny Code Fiction


Long Hope Philia – Masaki Suda


Update – Miwa




Star Marker – KANA/BOON


Koukai no Uta – Sayuri


Shout Baby – Ryokuoushoku Shakai

No.1 Dish – Dish//


Merry Go Round – Man with a mission


Ashiato – The Peggies


Uso Janai – Soushi Sakiyama


That’s all till the 5th season of My Hero Academia, we will keep on updating so keep an eye on our website.

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