Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths – Characters We Won’t Be Seeing Again : Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is an upcoming popular Anime after its Manga version, which is still running. There have been many deaths in the show, but most of these deaths are temporary. Takemichi can change these deaths by going into the past. However, there are some characters which the fans will not be able to see in the anime in the future. Takemichi Hanagaki, the main protagonist, does not have the power to save people in the past if they die when he comes to the past as a time leaper. Read this article till the end to know everything about Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths.

The following characters have died in the anime for good, and the fans won’t be seeing any more of them:

1. Shinichiro Sano | Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths

Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths - Characters We Won't Be Seeing Again : Tokyo Revengers

Shinichiro Sano was the founder and leader of the Black Dragon. Shinichiro was the eldest son in the Sano family and was an elder brother to Mikey, Emma, and Izana. He had the power to bring everyone together. He was the Black Dragon gang leader despite being the least powerful physically and was respected by all his gang members and even the leaders who succeeded him.

Shinichiro also trained his younger brother Izana and was loved and respected by Izana, who wanted to join the Black Dragon one day. He died at the age of 23 on 14th August 2003. Kazutora hit him with a wrench from behind to the head, not knowing who he was when Baji was about to get caught stealing his bike.

2. Keisuke Baji

Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths - Characters We Won't Be Seeing Again : Tokyo Revengers

Keisuke Baji was one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He was also the First Division Caption of his gang. He was secretly investigating Tetta Kisaki and confronted him during the Bloody Halloween day. It was the day when Valhalla and Tokyo Manji fought, and in this fight, Baji was stabbed by Kazutora, leaving a fatal wound.

He was unconscious after losing a lot of blood. He later stabbed himself when Mikey was about to kill Kazutora and told him that he did not want him to be the reason for his death. He died at the end of the Bloody Halloween fight, but he made a place in everyone’s heart.

3. Emma Sano | Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths

Emma Sano

Emma Sano is one of the liveliest characters in the series. She is the sister of Mikey and Shinichiro but not blood-related. Draken is her all-time crush, and he tends to be jealous because he doesn’t give her attention. She is one of the characters who significantly affects the series as it progresses, especially Mikey and Draken.

Kisaki and Hanma killed her before the big gang battle with Tenjiku. Takemichi and Emma were waiting for Mikey when Kisaki and Hanma arrived on a bike and hit Emma with a bat before Takemichi could save her. She ultimately dies, which hit Mikey and Draken the most. She also tells Mikey that she loves Draken.

4. Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa

Izana Kurokawa is one of the cold-hearted characters of the series. He would go to any heights to achieve what he wanted and considered everyone below him. Izana was the one who conspired to kill his own younger sister Emma with Kisaki and Hanma.

He is the leader of the Tenjika Gang and was the former leader of the Black Dragon, whose founder was Shinichiro, whom he looked up to. He got shot by Tetta Kisaki while protecting his only friend Kakucho in the end.

 5. Tetta Kisaki | Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths

Tokyo Revengers Anime Deaths - Characters We Won't Be Seeing Again : Tokyo Revengers

Tetta Kisaki is responsible for everything that happens in the future and is the mastermind behind every event. He is seen as the most clever person in the series and plans everything perfectly. He is cornered during the Tenjika and Tokyo Manji gang fight and tries to run when Izana dies.

He is hit by a truck when he is being chased by Takemichi and his friends, which results in his death. His death brings a complete change to the future and Takemichi’s life.

Sadly, these are the five characters that the fans won’t be seeing ahead in the Anime Series and the Manga.

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