Will The Seven Deadly Sins Continue? | Netflix | Season 6

Will The Seven Deadly Sins Continue? | Netflix | Season 6

The Seven Deadly Sins is a classic Japanese manga and anime in recent times based on the manga written by Nakaba Suzuki. Season 5 Part 2 of the anime version was recently released on Netflix. The end of the anime Season 5 has made fans think about seeing Season 6 of The Seven Deadly Sins? So, will The Seven Deadly Sins continue? You will know everything about it in this article so make sure to read it till the end.

Story Till Now | The Seven Deadly Sins

Originally the non-Netflix version of the same anime was initially released as a 4 Seasons anime, but Netflix relabelled it to 5 Seasons. Dragon’s Judgement was the latest release of the manga-adapted anime. It resolves the arcs of most of its major characters.


Will The Seven Deadly Sins Continue? | Netflix | Season 6

The Seven Deadly Sins: Dragon’s Judgement ends after an epic fight between Arthur Pendragon and Merlin against Cath. Spoiler Alert: In episode 23, Meliodas says that they need to keep an eye on Chaos and that Merlin should take responsibility for her actions. The anime ending almost showed all of the side characters grow beyond their limits and achieve their true potential.

After centuries of pain and separation, Elizabeth and Meliodas will be together. At the same time, the Sins can go their respective paths and blossom as per will. This might pave the way to a potential quest where we might see the Sins together again, standing against a much greater force.

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What to expect?

The anime adapted further in an animated film, The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed By Light, released on July 2nd this year in Japan. The same movie will be released for international fans on Netflix by October 1st.

The Seven Deadly Sins continues further in the Four Knights of the Apocalypse manga, an entirely new sequel that debuted in January 2021. Three volumes of the same have been published until now.

The fans are expecting the animated version of The Seven Deadly Sins: Four Knights of the Apocalypse. The same might be animated soon in the future.

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As of now, there has been no official confirmation from the makers about season 6 of the anime. The Dragon’s Judgement arc almost concludes most of the manga. The anime also doesn’t show many pieces of evidence of it being continued.

So, the answer to the question that will The Seven Deadly Sins continue? is that the fans should not expect Season 6 of The Seven Deadly Sins. But who knows what might happen, and we get to see a season 6. When it comes, we will post updates about the same. I hope you like the article. To see more such anime and manga-related news and updates, stay tuned with Animenite.

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